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Communications By Design


Please enjoy Commniactions by Design, a passion project fueled by my love of communications.

I bring together a diversity of experience with one common thread - communications. with the common thread of communications.

I bring communications intelligence from a lifelong study and experience 

This website is a synthesis of my extensive experience with communications, and my intention is to enhance readers communication literacy and enjoy greater ease and quality of results in their private lives and careers.

Having studied communications from a wide range of angles, and applied communications 

I've had many opportunities to grow as a communicator and have developed mastery over this field in the past 2 decades.

I have a natural aptitude for and a fascination for communications.

I am a talented, passionate, and driven communications professional focused on building and innovating communications intelligence and literacy for the world


Communications is an art and a science


It is a dynamic yet timeless phenomenon, and a universal / critical / vital skill,

What you will learn

It is a universal skill.

We develop a flexible awareness

I teach you how to communicate with clarity, vision and style in writing and in speech.

Share the power of communications with you


i love the phenomena

i love this field

deep respect for the art and science of communication


Communicaitons is my area. ofexertise

I've been enchanted by communication and language since I was a child.

Inquisitive and investigative by nature, I love to research and learn all there is to know about subjects that fascincate me.

Communication is the / a dominant theme in my research and studies - communications has been a consistent theme


I'm an explorer of communication, energy, and consciousness. the interface between them. Consciousness, culture and communciations


I draw from a massive pool of knowledge and insight - informed my perspective and authority, expertise - vast


I have a deep understanding of the higher principles of communication and vast knowledge of communicaiton fdynamics




My experience telling stories on both sides of the camera

has taught me the impact of effective communication.



I've developed my skills 

Now I am ready for growth and expansion, I've decided to synthesize and teach

This project aligns with my true passion to nurture through communications by bringing out hte communication potential in others.

Passionate about the magic and power of the word to make the world a better place. - maybe blog article.



I am passionate about the art and science of communication

This led me to study communication from many angles



As a multi-media content creator and a performing artist, I’ve acquired a rich awareness of the nuances of language and storytelling.


As a semiotician and through my business operations roles, I’ve acquired a deep understanding of communications strategy through the lens of leadership.


Now it’s time to teach.


This ongoing passion project will become the synthesis of my broad range of communications intelligence I’ve had the good fortune to acquire through extensive experience, training and education.


Communication is an art and a science. Enjoy this craft! ()


We are going to explore the dynamic relationship between compelling communications and culture creation.

Communications is an art and a science.











Communication skills are universal.

They are highly transferable across contexts, fields

transfer easily


Because the audience is hte same - humanity. 

While the subject matter, content, arena, and audience shift / may differ widely, for example between a CEO giving a quartlery review or an actor giving a monologue on stage, or The New York Times or Instagram, at the kitchen table 

no matter the place of purpose, the context or content, the principles of communication are the same.

Due to the universal nature of communications, 


Communication is integral to life.

from culture to commerce, we all need to communicate

Communication is critical to teh success of any group - the glue that binds us together, it can make or break organizations

Because communications are where it all comes together. 

Communications is the interface between us, each other, and our environment.

no matter the industry, communications skills are imperative


To create understanding

to get our point across


my interest in communication has been a guiding force. i understand its value and hope to share its value iwth you.

They say to master smething it's best to teach, let's master communications together.

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