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Communication is a living code.

A dynamic design for expression, engagement and exchange on every level, communication moves energy.

The code is universal and timeless, yet in constant evolution, always emerging as information flows. It changes as we change, and changes us in the process. We have an alchemical relationship with communication, continually discovering, designing and being designed to.

Initiating and responding. Coding and decoding. Creating and uncreating.

 What's your design?



Empowerment through Communication & Information Literacy

Communications by Design exists to empower everyone to optimize communication in their lives.

Everyone communicates. It’s how we interact with each other and share information.

Create the greatest personal and professional impact through communication by strengthening literacy and improving your skills.



Understanding the Design


Communications by Design makes our relationship with communication and information conscious. 


We delve into the principles of effective communication and cognition,

through a comprehensive exploration of the purpose, mechanics, strategy and impact of communication.

Omnipresent in our world, communication is a fluid force that takes place on many levels across all the planes of our lives. From material to conceptual space, from private to public spheres, communications is our interface and touches everything and everyone.

Investigate the universe of communication … full of constellations formed by the connections between consciousness, communication, and culture.



Elevate the Power of Communication in Your Life

Communication is currency.


Communication skills and literacy are vital to everyone. Ease with communication enhances life across the board.


Effective communication uplifts us - it elevates consciousness, heals relationships, optimizes flow, and improves results. As we strengthen literacy, increase capacity, and raise intelligence around communication, we amplify the value of our communication efforts.


Since the underlying principles of communication are universal and holistic in nature, they are versatile - what you learn here may be applied to communication anywhere, anytime. While some people seem to have a natural aptitude for communications, skills may be learned and developed with effort and practice. 

Great communication enables everyone to thrive. Create thriving in life with great communication.


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Communications by Design is passion project by Virginia Leigh

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