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For the Love of Story

I love story. Through my arts career and business operations roles, I’ve developed an appreciation for the power of story as a leadership tool to set the tone, shape perception, and bring a group to life. From corporate mission statements to brand matrixes to personal memoirs, story is the mythology that raises our energy and invites us to connect through a sense of shared purpose, magnetizing us with meaning and fostering trust. A strong narrative empowers everyone, aligning the interests of all stakeholders, enriching relationships, and driving actions towards a shared vision. At the heart of every community, the power and magic of story as a communication tool has been a guiding force in professional and personal endeavours.

In any entertainment production, all elements must serve the story. The performing arts gives one an excellent background in storytelling, and I've had the good fortune to explore story as an actress, a scriptwriter, concept creator, choreographer, and stylist.


Performing Arts Bio

Award-Winning Actress & Writer. Film, Television, Stage. 


Virginia Leigh is a performing arts professional and a writer. She has appeared as the lead in several feature length and short films, many of which have won awards through the international festival circuit. Television work has aired on APTN, Super Channel, Rogers on Demand, Women's Network, and the History Channel. Virginia has been involved in 50+ productions as a performer and as a creator.

A classically trained stage actress, Virginia began her training with Toronto Theatre Academy while earning her Honours BA specialist degree in Semiotics and Communication Theory at University of Toronto. Virginia possesses substantial knowledge and technique on the vocal, physical, temporal and emotional elements of presentation and delivery, along with a thorough understanding of theatre semiotics. Virginia has also trained extensively for on-camera work in ongoing classes with E.V.N. Studios, Straeon Acting Studio, and master class scene studies at Walter Alza Acting Studios.

Killer God wins Best in Show _ ITVFest 2012.jpg

Virginia's passion for storytelling also takes her behind the camera. She has enjoyed exploring multi-media collaborations as a screenplay writer, musician, stylist, and choreographer. She has demonstrated creative leadership casting, directing and coaching artists for a variety of short films and dance pieces. She is grateful for her mentors and colleagues, and loves being engaged in the creative process of character and story.

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Demo Reels

short reel
short reel

short reel

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class demo - Virginia Leigh at Walter Alza Acting Studio

class demo - Virginia Leigh at Walter Alza Acting Studio

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Film Clips

Kind Words

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"Virginia has both the innate talent and the skill learned through experiences to churn out strong performances.  Her strong camera presence and her ability to bring the minute details and portray subtle emotions of the character sets her apart from the rest.  Virginia is very warm and friendly. The fact that she brought cookies and soups for the whole set distinctly vouches that she is a total team player.  On top of all this, her unwavering commitment to her craft is a manifestation of a seasoned professional. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Virginia. She is an asset to any director or producer."  

—  Senthil Vinu

Writer/Director: Waiting for Summer, Newground Films Inc.


"I was very happy with Virginia’s insightful performance.  Working in very tough conditions she was both professional and courteous and I would certainly work with her again. She is a very gifted actress."                                         

  — Stasch Radwanski 

Director, DOP, Exec. Producer:  The Killer God, Academy One Productions


​​“I really like working with Virginia: she brings a great attitude to set; she has a very distinctive look all her own; and Virginia has a natural expressiveness that reads superbly on camera.”                                                             

  — Richard Story

Writer/Director, The Time Traveler, Time Traveler Productions

“Ms. Leigh is one of the most uniquely talented and hard-working with whom I have had the pleasure of working...(E)xceptional artistic ability, an ability to see the larger context in which she is working, including the larger artistic as well as business objectives of a project, an ability to work diplomatically with others make Ms. Leigh highly unique in what she does and able to perform her job at a level of expertise and creativity in a way which cannot be replaced. Her acting ability is exceptionally strong, and includes the ability to portray deep character qualities as well as humorous and light moments simultaneously. Her performance had such a degree of impact that it elevated the project as a whole to something greater than it would otherwise have been. (She was) exceptionally helpful in adding creatively to her own episode, and even to add to the series as a whole with her great ideas. Ms. Leigh has genuine passion for what she does as well as a drive for excellence and the leadership quality of maintaining harmony amongst a team.” 

— Lorne Gross (MA, LLB, MBA)

Producer: The Darkside, Showflicks (President)


"Virginia won us over on her first audition which led to an incomparable performance on set, she displayed a true commitment to her craft which will no doubt lead to a successful career."

— Bruno Marino

Associate Producer: Waiting for Summer, Newground Films


Representation: Butler Ruston & Bell                                                  Height: 5'4'' .  Eyes: blue .  Hair: brown .  Location: Toronto, Canada .  Union: Actra
FILM & TELEVISION (selected)
Mrs. America
Everything Changes (short)
  *Best Short Film (San Diego Black FF, 2016
Waiting for Summer (feature)
  *Rising Star Award, Canadian Int. FF 2013; Best Drama & Best Actress, Hamilton FF 2012; Best Feature, Hunstville FF 2012
Killer God (feature)
  *Best in Show, ITVFest Int. FF 2011; Best Feature, Toronto Ind, FF 2011, Official Best of Fest 2011, Best Production, Maverick FF 2011
Leatha Acidents (feature)
  *Special Jury Remi Award, Worldfest-Houston International FF, 2012
The Darkside (short)
The Real Mash 
The Time Traveler
Bridge Kids
Papa, This is Delta
The Memory of Water
The Red Shoes
Heart-Shaped Bruise
In Dreams: episode 108
Jumping Through Hoops
Rite of Spring
THEATRE & DANCE (selected)
Ludlow Fair (selection)
The Exception & the Rule
Venezualan Rhythms
The Physicists
Dance of the She-Devils
Apollo of Bellac
Avian Rhythms

Hon. BA Semiotics and Communication Studies 

U of T. Concentrations: cultural and theatre semiotics.

Extensive On-Camera & Scene Studies Training

Walter Alza Acting Studios ~ Advanced On-Camera Scene Study: W. Alza, D. Bajramovic, T. Kacurov

E.V.N. Studios ~ Scene Studies, Audition Workshops, Private Coaching: Earl Nanhu

Straeon Studios ~ Private Coaching, Scene Studies, Audition Seminars: Jock MacDonald  

Toronto Casting Film Audition Intensive: Marc Baur

Breaking Away From the Pack: Brian Levy, CDC

Audition Workshops & Coaching

Lynne Cormack ~ Nailing the Small Role audition workshop

Lewis Baumander Acting Studio ~ Private Coaching for Auditions: Lewis Baumander

Private coaching: Barbara Deutsch

Theatre, Voice & Dance

Toronto Theatre Academy ~ Classical Theatre: Tim Kacurov

Linklater Workshop: Miranda Handford; Acting with a Director Workshop: Steve DiMarco

Voice for Musical Theatre: Deborah Staiman

The Singer's Body: Orville Heyn

Dance - Bellydance: Arabesque Academy

Flamenco: Academy of Spanish Dance

Ballet, Modern: University of Toronto

Content Development

Theatre Creation: Yoshi Oida

Various theatre creation and acting seminars: Theatre Ontario



FX Productions / L. De Clermont-Tonnerre

Cinematoscape / Simeon Taole






Dancer, Choreographer



Arts & Letters/Tim Kacurov

Solar Stage/Tim Kacurov

Mosaico 21/ Matadanze

Solar Stage / Tim Kacurov

OHDC, Rhythm & Dance Festival / Victoria Mata

Isabel Bader Theatre / Virginia Leigh

Solar Stage / Tim Kacurov

Toronto Fringe Festival / Victoria Mata


Newground Films / Senthil Vinu












Fifth Season Media / Lorne Gross, Raha Shirazi

Storyline Entertainment / Gary Lang, Min Sook Lee

Time Traveler Productions / Richard Story

Rollscourt Productions / Geoffrey Pugen

Your Turn New Media / Helen Shaver

Your Turn New Media / Michael Houslander

Twenty Buck Films / Precious Chong

Your Turn New Media / Vanessa Shaver, Mat Lyons

Eyes Cloud Productions / Gavin Smith

Twenty Buck Films / Precious Chong

Catch-22 Productions / Caldwell Lever


Academy One Productions / Stasch Radwanski


Cinegraphe Inc. / Nicholas Kinsey

  • ADR, French speaker, Accents (British RP, New York, Southern US), Singing 


  • Cycling, Canoeing, Dance, Jogging, Sailing, Skating (Rollerblading & Ice-Skating), Skiing (downhill, cross-country, water), Swimming, Yoga


  • Computer Skills, Driver’s License, Guitar, Esthetician, Songwriting, Reiki, Writer

  • Details available upon request



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