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Value Summary

Virginia’s business value as an Administrative and Executive Assistant is predicated on the following activities that support leadership and contribute to success, with the following impacts:


1. LEADERSHIP IN COMMUNICATION – Administrative Gatekeeper & Liaison for CEO


As point of contact, provides as gateway role, effectively managing correspondence, coordination and relationships.


  • ALIGNMENT - Executive level communication and coordination on behalf of CEO. Represents organization with elegance, tact and competence, skillfully managing expectations, while keeping CEO informed and updated.


  • COMMITMENT - Proactively develops and strengthens working relationships and engagement. Cultivates workplace harmony to keep morale high, garner support for collaboration, and nurture networks to expand reach.


  • INFLUENCE - Establishes confidence of stakeholders by demonstrating high standards, sound judgment, and follow-through. Builds trust exercising integrity and strong boundaries, protecting all critical and sensitive information.


2. GUARDIAN OF TIME & FOCUS – Administrator & Office Manager


Maintains CEO’s office at a superior level providing effective administration and comprehensive operations support.


  • QUALITY - Focuses CEO’s time and energy to optimize efforts, ensuring timely completions and high-quality results. Keeps CEO on track organizing commitments around deliverables, planning according to priorities and preferences.


  • MOMENTUM – Creates flow for smooth roll-out of tasks, initiatives, and engagements by generating stability, consistency and predictability with organized systems structures, seamless processes, and standardized procedures.


  • LEVERAGE – Initiates workflow optimizations, facilitating performance, productivity, growth and enablement. Problem-solves to streamline complexity and identifies innovative tools and solutions to increase reach.





As the right-hand, collaborates in a functional and strategic capacity as required on action items and key initiatives.


  • AGILITY –Anticipates needs and eventualities to proactively prepare for variance with solutions and alternatives. Adapts and responds with appropriate urgency to evolving priorities, fluidly managing changes in timing and scope.


  • CLARITY – Determines facts and derives valuable, accurate insights to draw precise conclusions that refine focus, drive decisions, steer action, and guide direction with strong data acuity. Reports findings clearly and concisely.


  • RELEVANCE – Contributes to key projects pertaining to function or strategy with solid business acumen, thorough understanding of CEO’s role and company goals, and perceptive intelligence. Generates new ideas and approaches.

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