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I have a balance of creative, technical, strategic, and promotional writing experience

Content Creation (concept creation, storytelling, storyboarding, editorial strategies),

I communicate with clarity, vision and style in writing and in speech.

 I've developed a solid and uniquely comprehensive business and communications skill set through my balanced mix of office, hospitality, arts and culture, and entrepreneurial experience. 


brief - summarizing docuemtns


Communications Profile

I am a communications professional with a diversity of experience

Well Informed - knowledgeable

Comprehensive Skill Set

I bring together a diversity of expeirence, education, and training which has helped me to develop a uniquely comprehensive communications skill set.

Through my diversity of expereince, education and training, I bring a uniquely comprehensive 

Core Competencies / areas of expertise: 


Content Creation - all stages from concept creation / ideation, to execution / implementation, coordination/ distribtuion, to analysis./ optimization


Digital Literacy

Media savvy

Brand Development & Strategy


Semiotics – semiotician – commercial semiotics



Semiotics is the science of communication and sign systems, exploring how meaning is created and shared. In short, it investigates the ways people understand phenomena, organize them mentally, and devise means for transmitting that understanding to others. It is a key tool to code and decode verbal and non-linguistic communication and information systems at every level.


Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols as a significant part of communications, exploring how meaning is created and shared. It is a key tool to analyze and decode verbal and non-linguistic communication systems at every level. Concentrations: culture semiotics, media studies, and theatre semiotics.



Greatly enhances Cultural & Media Literacy




My specialist degree in semiotics profoundly shaped my thinking through an intensive study into the many dimensions of communication.


Trained to decode texts of any medium / texts of any medium, I have solid critical analysis skills and easily translate insights into strategy to convey meaning with precision. Semiotic awareness that the expression of the universal is in a perpetual state of emergence is of great value for framing and positioning, as it fine tunes one’s ability to make delicate distinctions in shifting cultural realities, in order to best present the essence of a brand in a relevant form that resonates with the moment and leads audience into the future. 






A crafted writer with a sharp mind for language, I shape (and coordinate) content for many mediums, platforms, and channels in varying styles for a wide range of audiences.


I’ve written and coordinated content across the board from creative to corporate spaces including press releases, blog articles and websites, social media stories, storyboarding and copy for products and services, teaching materials, scriptwriting for presentations, proposals, compliance reporting, and financial documents.

I write compelling content with vision and style

Deliver high-quality content on tight deadlines.


Screenplay writing

Speech writing

Summary Briefs




Digital Storyteller - Multi-Media Content Creation


A multi-media storyteller, I have an eye for design and stay current with trends in the digital space.


By designing content around clear key messages and effective use of story, I reinforce and evolve brand identity and culture in ways that captivate and foster engagement.

See (the beginning) of an article I have about the magic storytelling.


Mindful of brand coherence, I possess the tools, emotional intelligence and mature judgment to render any story authentically engaging, creating value with communications.





Presentation Coaching – performing arts


An engaging presenter

A formally trained stage performer, I have refined presentation technique. , along with a thorough grasp of theatre semiotics.


** update bio on portfolio page

Classically trained stage actress with extensive on-camera playback training. Possess substantial knowledge and technique on the vocal, physical, temporal and emotional elements of presentation and delivery.

Dynamic Presence

  • Engaging Presenter – Refined presentation technique. Possess tools and talent to interpret a script and bring message to life in a clear, refined and memorable way, rendering any content authentically engaging. Prepare and perform high quality presentations in time-sensitive circumstances with dynamic style and spirit.

  • Polished Stage Presence - Adeptly use body language, timing and other non-verbal elements to set the tone and hold attention. Project vocal leadership speaking with conviction, so words resonate and inspire.

You will learn:

-how to develop a script

-how to interpret a script

Presentation skills trnasfer easily betwee / from the theatre to the corporate stage.

Whether you're speaking to the world of art or hte world of business - no matter the context or content, the principles of presentation are the same.

Public Speaking - Become an engaging speaker. 

Image Consulting

Get connected with your style and colouring and look your best. When you know how to dress, you look and feel like yourself.

Every single person in the world is beautiful to look at. Our image is a combination of health, well-being, and presentation. When we feel well in mind, body, and soul, our skin glows, our eyes shine, and our presence is lit. We all cultivate wellness in the ways that work best for us, as we have learned from our family, culture, and our health care professionals. While this first aspect is in your hands, wellness and personal optimization is a passion of mine I share here. The second aspect is regarding our wardrobe selection - package ourselves in a way that compliments us and our occasion. When we dress in apparel that suits our colouring and body geometry, we create a harmonious presentation. This aspect of my presentation coaching will help you to choose the right pieces and put them together to create your best impression. 

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